Branded Entertainment

We drive sales. We have decades of experience weaving branded products into short-form video vignettes that are relevant, entertaining, informative and just plain fun to watch. But what we really create is an incredibly powerful bond between you and your customer. We bring your brand and your consumer together, getting both sides of the transaction as close as possible to that all-important purchase decision. Activating your consumer to buy your product through the power of good video storytelling is what we do best. You might say, it’s our forte.

Tradeshow Marketing

Stand out in a crowd. We know firsthand how important it is to raise your brand’s profile at your key industry trade shows. We have years of experience helping high-profile brands make lasting impressions at some of the country’s highest profile marketing events. Through the power of good video storytelling, our clients cut through all the hustle and bustle of the exhibit floor. We excel in helping you make the valuable connections you need to get the most bang from your marketing buck.

Corporate Storytelling

We can help you tell your story. We’ve developed a unique, and powerful corporate communications strategy with engaging, entertaining, and informative video storytelling at its core. Z Media creates compelling, corporate video that our clients use in a variety of settings to inspire, inform, and motivate important audiences. Whether it’s your employees, consumers, vendors, potential business partners – any key stakeholder that you value – we’ll help you tell the compelling stories that drive your success.